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boost your words is the professional alter ego of multilingual wordsmith and former marketeer Stefan Armin Boxhorn (English/German, Spanish, French & Italian > German/English) and his community of fellow linguists and creatives from near and far.


boost your words is the lovechild of our shared passion for language and branding, and the firm believe that successful marketing writing and translation take a lot more than the right dictionary and good grammar skills.


We know that successful brands set themselves apart by telling unique stories which are relatable, coherent and strike the right chords with the right audiences by talking to them in the right voice.

That's why we dig deeper to get a grasp of what makes our clients' brands and their consumers tick before we get down to work – whether the ask is to transcreate your company website into German, craft original copy for a sales brochure aimed at Swiss Generation Zeros, subtitle a French product video for your Italian YouTube subscribers, or provide cultural insight to give you the confidence that your Spanish product name will fly just as well with your UK customers as it does in its home market.

Keen to find out more about what boost your words can do for you? Read on or get in touch to discuss your needs.

our story

When asked what it takes to be a copywriter, the intuitive answer would be: product knowledge, a good understanding of your audience, a penchant for grammar grappling, jargon juggling, metaphor meddling and pun punching, and time. These are no doubt important 'technical' prerequisites, but we like to think that what distinguishes a good copywriter from an average one are acting skills: the ability to put aside your own personality, transform into a character and know the right tools and techniques to leave your audience spellbound and trigger the desired response.


You've probably heard of some of the infamous blunders committed by brands big and small because they lacked awareness of linguistic differences and cultural sensitivities. We've got experienced linguists and marketing experts to furnish you with the necessary insight on how your branding and communications might be perceived by foreign buyers and help you make sure your message will be received as intended and all your hard work doesn't go to waste. Upon request, we can also develop naming and style guidelines or glossaries for you, or help you find the right name for your brand or product in your target market.


Carefully crafted copy full of nuances deserves more than just a formally correct translation. That's why we read between the lines, extract the ideas and emotions expressed in the original and look for the most linguistically and culturally appropriate tools to re-encode them in the target language.


If you've invested a fair amount of time, creativity and money producing an image film, video clip, TV spot or radio ad, don't let the effort get lost in translation! Whether you ask us to subtitle a video from scratch, translate existing subtitles and add them to your video, or write, translate and/or record a voice-over script for you – we don't just focus on linguistic quality, but also on the technical constraints of different audiovisual formats and media to make sure you get a cohesive product where image, sound and text work together in harmony. For additional peace of mind, we can even have a native speaker of the target language who's briefed on your brand voice and campaign goals attend the recording session or dial in to provide direction on pronunciation and intonation.

If you'd like to discuss your specific needs or have any questions, we'd love to hear from you!

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adidas - Allianz - Beats by Dre - BMW - Deutsche Bank - Desigual - Diageo
Fastly - Facebook
- Gardena - goetica - G-Star - Hertz - Honda - Hymer
Indian Motorcycle - innocent - LinkedIn - Merck - MINI - PayPal - PlanetHome Reebok - Skullcandy -
Starbucks - Swarovski - TK Maxx - Unilever - Versace
Visit Britain - Vivid Money - YouTube

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for our marketing messages is second to none!”
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